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Pinpoint Resources


Maximize your exposure. Connect with more customers. Manage your profile at http://aka.ms/PartnerCenter

About this campaign

Pinpoint (http://pinpoint.microsoft.com) can help you accelerate your business, grow revenue, and increase qualified leads with access to qualified customers. We share your solutions with thousands of customers every day.
Whether you are new to Pinpoint, or looking to maximize your leads, we have training resources for you:
1.     Get Started.  If you are new to Pinpoint and just creating a profile, start with these resources:
·         Get Started with Pinpoint Training Deck & Video (5 minutes)
·         How does the search ranking work? Read “Understanding Pinpoint Search”. (10 minutes)
·         BONUS download: Pinpoint 1-slide Overview (5 minutes)
2.     Update and Optimize.  Have a profile and need to make updates? Use this guidance to make it great!
·         Capture and convert prospects with Pinpoint & Video (5 minutes)
·         Want help?  Check out the Pinpoint Perfection paid service.  (2 minutes)
·         BONUS download:  Top Ten Profile Tips (5 minutes)
3.     Get More Leads. Ready to take it to the next level?
·         Manage leads and reporting in Partner Center.  See how with this deck & video (5 minutes)
·         Ask your customers for reviews (10 minutes)

Campaign Includes: