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Tap Your Data Goldmine


​​Today, there is a great opportunity to grow your business selling BI solutions to SMBs.

In a Gartner survey, “Analytics and BI” was the #1 ranked technology priority when SMBs were asked to list their top three issues1.

About this campaign

​SMBs want to make it simple for every employee—not just data scientists—to access, analyze, and visualize data. So they can gain the insights they need to drive the business forward, without having to invest in learning new skills and software.

Now, with new functionality built-in to familiar tools like Microsoft Excel 2013 and SharePoint, you have a complete platform for helping SMBs gain insight from their data—to make better, faster decisions, to focus on the right opportunities, and to win more business. And you have the unique flexibility to deliver solutions for your customers’ specific needs, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

1 Gartner Report: Market Insight: Technology Opens Up Opportunities in SMB Vertical Markets September 6, 2012 by Christine Arcaris, Jeffrey Roster.

Campaign Includes: