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Be Lean and Stay Lean


​Don’t miss out on a major opportunity in virtualization and cloud services!

Virtualization and cloud services are projected to grow FAST. With worldwide small and midsize business (SMB) spending on server virtualization reaching $1.2 billion in 2012 and predicted annual growth of 18.1%, it’s an attractive business for any partner1. SMB spending on cloud-based services is also exploding, with predicted growth of 24% per year2.

About this campaign

​Microsoft continues to enrich our products’ capabilities with the goal of providing solutions that make customers more productive at a lower cost. This also helps make your business more profitable, as the money customers save on software frees up more budget for your high-margin services. You can actively participate in this opportunity by delivering solutions and services built on virtualization and cloud technologies.

Use this campaign's sales and marketing resources to get started.

1 SMB Server Opportunity, AMI-Partners, February 19, 2013. 2 AMI WW Market Opportunity Model: 2012-2017. Includes SaaS/IaaS/Related spending, but excludes web hosting.

Campaign Includes: