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Important! The RTG events platform, including Click-to-Attend and Microsoft Led Events, is being decommissioned on 6/30. We will continue to support existing partner events that occur on or before 6/30, but on 5/31 we began requesting that you not set up new partner events on our platform. To ensure there’s no confusion, this change only impacts RTG Events – which includes Click-to-Attend and Microsoft Led Events.

To ease your transition to a new event management platform, we have found a number of options from 3rd party providers that provide the same, if not more, robust features you’ve grown accustomed to using with RTG Events. Check out the Services page for information on EventSpot, a possible alternative for you or this page for information on EventZilla and EventBrite – two possible no-cost alternatives. For questions please contact rtgmktg@microsoft.com.

Note: You will still be able to view details of your past events, including registration, until 8/31 using the "Manage your events" link below.

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3rd Party Event Services

Check out the Services page for information on alternative event management platforms​​​

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