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Create an event
Important! Due to potential upcoming changes on RTG Events, if you are planning on using RTG to create a registration page for an event occurring after 5/31/16 please contact rtgmktg@microsoft.com.

Ready-to-Go Marketing Events offers the ability to create event registration pages for in-person and online events, automate customer event reminders and leverage event content to help you plan and execute your event. Check out the options below and get started. Terms and conditions of use here.

From Campaigns

Select this option to create an event from existing campaigns

From Scratch

Select this option to create a custom event

For Microsoft Community Connections

Select this option if you are presenting to a business organization

Microsoft Led Events

Select this option to participate in events hosted by Microsoft.

Manage your events

Already created an event? Access and manage your events here

My Events Profile

Manage your privacy statement and company details that are shown on your event pages. Access and manage your events profile here.​​​​​​​​

Not a Partner?

​Want to organize an event but not registered as a partner? That's not a problem. You can sign up today.

Community Connections

Connect with your local business community and receive an event kit. Learn more