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Office 365 BEST (UK)


to help you get ready for the new Office (Check out “Introducing the new Office” to help you get ready for the December launch of Office 2013 on-premises Open Volume Licensing)

About this campaign

Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s biggest strategic bets and an incredible offer for our customers, especially in SMB. Office 365 BEST Campaign is the single, evergreen campaign for everything Office in SMB. It includes content, execution, and operational guidance to help partners sell Office 365 cloud services, as well as Office on-premises through Open Volume Licensing. The Execution Packages are the highlight of BEST and will help you drive demand through specific activities (such as Tele Discussion Guide and Webinar-in-a-box), as well as foundational assets (such as pitch deck, copy blocks, templates, and the BEST demo) to help with the end to end execution.
The new Office is here!
The new Office is here!
  • BEST 2.0: Access all of our marketing and sales resources for the new Office!

Campaign Includes: