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DigitalStride: Skyrocket Your Business with Digital Marketing
Let Microsoft and Semdrive boost the discoverability of your website through Microsoft DigitalStride, a digital marketing program that helps cloud partners attract customers, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase content relevancy to your site.
 Did you know?
  • Digital Marketing can drive net-new revenue; it is a fraction of the cost as compared to adding a new sales rep.
  • Digital media is the most cost effective media when compared to traditional media.
  • It is easy to monitor the sales pipeline and measure marketing ROI through digital marketing.
  • Enables you to have personalized contact with potential customers.
  • Dynamically update content based on new campaigns and launches.


Gartner Research indicates all purchasing will be done online without a sales rep by 2020.
Microsoft Partner Benefit
All Microsoft partners are eligible to purchase DigitalStride services at a 50% cost savings.
Cloud Marketing Resources
Microsoft Partner Case Studies
Learn how to maximize your search marketing investment with Bing's Duane Forrester

Semdrive offerings available Worldwide for Bing, Yahoo and Google search engines. Semdrive works on websites in most languages, but for consulting and reporting, vendor will communicate in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or German. For example, If your website language is Finnish, we can provide services to your website in local language, and vendor will provide consulting and reporting in English. For the China market, please contact Semdrive directly for more information about Baidu.

*Microsoft DigitalStride includes an assessment of your current environment and optimization services. Some restrictions may apply. For more details, contact your program representative.